Ode to the Sweet Pea

|Sweet pea, apple of my eye|
Pop them by your front door, your terrace, even the street if you must. They will, I guarantee, make your life a little sweeter…

Wild Mushroom Risotto

|Searching for the fun-guys|
Vegetable gatherer step aside and make way for the forager warrior…

A Triptych Of Plums

|A fruitful few weeks|
Plum Frangipani • Greengage Crumble • Damson Gin

Courgettes On Toast

| For the marrow minded |
What to do with the inevitable courgette glut?Always make a starter…

The Harvester’s Lunch

| Lett-uce eat lunch |
This is not a lunch you might find at the UK’s favourite great value family restaurant. Oh no. This is much better. So much better…

White Currant Jam

| Currant affairs |
I’m not an accomplished jammer, my Granny Sea was excellent at it; channeling her, I reached for my biggest saucepan…